Camp 1nspires me to be awesome

Confident. Courageous. Friendly.

All it takes is the right attitude—and the right health and education program.

The Diabetes Education & Camping Association (DECA) unites education and camping programs around the globe that give those affected by diabetes adventures they’ll always remember—and empowering diabetes information they’ll never forget.

And now, through our Camp 1nspires campaign, we’re raising $1,000,000 in scholarships so that youth with Type 1 diabetes can attend camp—whether they can afford it or not.

So if you love camp or love helping kids, please contribute to the Camp 1nspires campaign—and make a very positive impact in someone’s life.

Funds raised through the Camp 1nspires Campaign will be divided amongst the Diabetes Education & Camping Association’s member camps for use as scholarships and to develop educational resources for camps.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Terry Ackley $50.00 On the way to $1,000,000!
Shelley Yeager $50.00 I Love Diabetes Camp!
Diabetes Education and Camping Association
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